What we do Now

This is a now page. We list here all the running projects and where we are focusing right now.


Promoting the Cultural Content of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (ASKSA) with the help of Artificial Intelligence (2024-2025). Datoptron is subcontracted with tasks related to metadata management and the promotion of ASKSA’s digital collections through interactive means and citizen engagement.

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An AI platform for the cultural heritage data space (2023-2025). Funded under the Digital Europe Programme, the project aims to develop a suite of AI tools and an online capacity building hub for the application of artificial intelligence technologies in the cultural heritage sector.

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Detecting and cur(at)ing harmful language in cultural heritage collections (2023-2024). DE-BIAS promotes a more inclusive and respectful approach to describing cultural heritage (ongoing). Datoptron is developing a tool, to be integrated into the Europeana backend framework, that automatically detects biased terms in cultural heritage textual metadata.

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Data Space for Cultural Heritage DS4CH - deployment of the common European data space (2023-2024). Datoptron is responsible for supporting through its technical tools the process of metadata aggregation and automatic enrichment.

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