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STIRData is an online platform for searching, navigating, synthetically analysing, and visualising company-related open data content coming from different sources in a homogeneous, supporting a number of cross-border and cross-domain reuse scenarios. These sources include company registries, sources discoverable via the European Data Portal (EDP) and other open data platforms. The offered functionalities are exposed via an open Application Programming Interface (API), so that they can be reused by other digital public services or applications developed by data and ICT companies.

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The Datoptron team has participated in more than 30 European research and development projects, contributing with their leading expertise in knowledge representation and reasoning, semantic web technologies, and machine learning. The team has been one of the main technical partners in the development of the European Digital Library - Europeana and offers tools used by hundreds of organisations.

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We are a group of talented people including researchers, software developers, ontology engineers and machine learning experts with long experience on applying cutting-edge research findings and technology on real-world applications.

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